Buddha Statue

The ‘Zen Boat’ is an initiative from the international Buddhist monastery Zen River. A team of four monks from the monastery provides year-round weekly meditation and study classes, also during the Summer months. The four monks have formal teaching qualifications since they received Dharma transmission from their teacher, Tenkei Coppens, abbot of Zen River.  They represent the international White Plum Lineage, established in the United States by the Japanese Zen master Maezumi Roshi.

The Zen Boat is located at the ‘Winschoterdiep’, in walking distance from the train station of Groningen. Classes on the houseboat are given in an informal setting, and the program is based on the Four Elements of Training of Zen River Temple, namely Meditation (also called zazen), Ritual, Study and Bodhisattva Activity.

The Zen Boat is open to anyone who wants to learn how to meditate. We help you get started with proper instruction. Every first Tuesday of the month, a full guided meditation is given. After that, we support your progress. You can ask questions in the group, or individually on appointment. Please feel free to join a class without any further obligation. After that, the contribution is €7,50 per week (or €25,= per month). The contribution gives access to all classes and includes private interviews on request.

Our times (see the contact page for more information):

  • Tuesday 19:30-21:00,  Zen Meditation
    (guided instruction every 1st Tuesday of the month).
  • Thursday 19:30-21:00,  Meditation followed by text study.
  • Sunday 9:30-10:30,  Zen Meditation. [starting January 8th, 2017]